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The Tibetan word LOSAR literally translates ‘New Year’. LOSAR then is the Tibetan New Year. Calculated according to the Lunar calendar, it falls on different dates, mostly in February. This year it fell on February 27. So the party in March will really be a post LOSAR event!

The overwhelming majority of festivals in the Tibetan culture are around the Buddhist religion- that is good and understandable since our lives are so wrapped around our religion. LOSAR is different and special in its own way – it is by far the biggest non religious festival. People celebrate Losar to leave behind the obstacles and negativities of the past year. Losar for Tibetans is a time for happiness with friends and family. It is for the Tibetans what Diwali is to the Indians or the Holidays for people here in America.

 To celebrate this happy time with sponsors and supporters here in Montana, we are organizing a special post Losar event in Helena. All the details are on the poster that follows. Here is a tentative schedule for the event.

6:00 pm Gates open. Guests will have about 45 minutes to look at the TCEF bazaar, Silent Auction, get a drink and mingle.

6.45 pm. A buffet style Tibetan dinner with both vegetarian and non veg options.

7:30pm. When dinner is finished, we will request Yeshi and Norbu on stage. They are the Tibetan entertainers from NYC that we have invited for the event. Yeshi is basically a singer. She sings Tibetan, Hindi and maybe even Nepali songs. She is also an accomplished MC. Norbu is my school mate and a ‘mover and shaker’. I don’t know what she’ll do but I know she will add fun to any party.

8.30 to 9 or beyond: We’re going to ask Yeshi and Norbu to teach one or more Tibetan group dances. My best hope is that this can be a really fun part of the evening. This can be for half an hour or may be even much longer if people are having fun!!!


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