Kyitsel-ling Children

TCEF dedicates itself to the preservation of the Tibetan culture through education and assistance, raising awareness of the culture, and by empowering Tibetans to carry out these goals.

The Tibetan culture premised on compassion, non violence and altruism is vital and precious not only to the Tibetans but to the bigger global community. This culture is now endangered.  One of the best ways to help that culture survive is to help educate Tibetan children in exile and TCEF dedicates itself to this cause.

Another way to help is to educate and raise awareness of this rich and unique culture here in the West. Over the past ten years, we’ve traveled extensively all over the United States doing hundreds of presentations on Tibet, Tibetan culture and the educational needs of Tibetan children in exile.

It is now over fifty years since HH The Dalai Lama escaped to India in 1959. Tibetans continue to be one of the most repressed people in the world. The spate of self immolations in Tibet reflect how frustrated and desperate the situation is in Tibet. His Holiness The Dalai Lama believes that intentionally or unintentionally, some form of cultural genocide is taking place in Tibet. Many believe that the essence of Tibetan culture may stand a better chance of survival in exile that in Tibet itself.

We can do our part to help the Tibetans – help the Tibetan culture to survive. Please join us to help educate the children, provide comfort to the elders and generally be supportive of a culture from whom we can all learn so much.

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