2019 Holiday Season Fundraising Campaigns

This season TCEF is doing two fundraising campaigns: one for the children and the other for the elders.

For the children, we’re trying to bring the internet and educational technologies into their classrooms. We started fundraising for this project last year and raised $11,000! But, we did not quite reach our funding goal. So, this year we are making another effort. We are rethinking the project and at this time trying to implement this project in just one school – Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School at Clement Town. 

We’ve exchanged many ideas with this school and think that we have a program that can make a real difference for the students. Here is a summary of our goals:

  • Bring the internet into the classrooms
  • Purchase big screen monitors for all classrooms up to grade 5
  • Till grade 5, Tibetan is the medium of instruction in Tibetan schools.Procure and use software that helps the Tibetanization of education.
  • Procure tablets, laptops and overhead projectors for middle and senior sections
  • Help create a Multi-Media or Smart Classroom room.

Donation button and campaign details are are available at the link below. When donating, at the optional message area, please insert Internet & Computers

The children inspired the other fundraising campaign to benefit needy Tibetan elders in exile. Earlier this summer the Kyitsel-ling children had a hands-on culture learning experience. They hand-printed many beautiful traditional Tibetan prayer flags. The intention all along was the use these hand printed prayer flags to benefit the elders. Here are some highlights of this campaign: 

  • During this Holiday Season, we are hoping to raise $50 for every elder on our program. So our campaign goal is $5000. 
  • We’ve already raised $1000 and need $4000 more
  • Prayer flags are available in two sizes

Donation button and campaign details are available at the link below. When donating, at the optional message area, please indicate preferred size and number of sets of prayer flags you want.