2019 Sponsorship Campaign

Every year we do a sponsorship campaign around the Holiday Season, trying to tap into the spirit of this season. This year our appeal is for children from the Arunachal Pradesh.

Dawa with parents

We have helped children from this area before and know that they are especially deserving. The area where they come from is remote, under-developed and they do not have access to a good education.

Lie Chozom with parents
Kunzang with parents
Pema with parents
Teiki with parents

They all come from humble homes. Their parents and grandparents before them did not have much education. They will be the first in their families to have access to a good education. With your help, there is an opportunity to change their lives. Please consider sponsoring the education of a needy child this season. Here is the link to our sponsorship campaign this season: http://www.icontact-archive.com/archive?c=285710&f=60674&s=65132&m=687387&t=ac4bbdd1fb2edd556e3f0a94ddbd38dbb0892ffd272c3f7684707122d89712e0

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