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Footsteps of the Buddha Tour 2019

The itinerary was quite similar to our tour last year. We shortened the tour by a couple of days and took Sravasti off because of the long bus ride to get to it. So we started the tour with the visit to Clement Town. Last year several members of the group found the long bus ride from N. Delhi to Clement Town difficult. This year we flew and that made the journey substantially easier.

One of the major aims of the Footsteps of the Buddha tours is to connect TCEF sponsors with their sponsored children and/or elders, and to share the Tibetan culture and hospitality with the hope that tour members may support our work. From that point of view, the visit to Clement Town is always an important part of the tour, an important part of the work that we do at TCEF. Continue reading

TCEF Annual Report 2018

Thanks to your support, this was another good year for TCEF. We were able to expand our sponsorships programs – both for the children and elders. We were also able to procure funding for a much needed Kyitsel-ling Staff Housing Project and begin fundraising to bring the internet and computers to Tibetan schools that need them. Continue reading

Bringing the Internet into Tibetan Classrooms

Improving the quality of education is going to take a multi faceted effort – involving quality teacher training, building an exception cadre of Tibetan education leadership and then transforming Tibetan classrooms with educational technologies. And right here – transforming Tibetan classrooms is where we feel TCEF can make a vital difference – maybe not for all Tibetan schools, but at least in a few select schools. Continue reading

TCEF Annual Report 2017

Aside from our sponsorship programs, this year TCEF was able to do several vital educational projects. Through these projects we were able to make a vital difference to Tibetan education in exile. Huge gratitude to all our sponsors and supporters … Continue reading

Yoga with Sponsors 2017

TCEF Board member and sponsor Jennifer Prugh led a group including several sponsors to Kyitsel-ling, Clement Town. From all accounts, it was a wonderful day for all – for sponsors and the children. We are excited to shares images of that visit – including those of sponsors and children doing yoga together under fluttering Tibetan prayer flags. Attached is a pdf of that visit. Continue reading

Return to Zanskar

The 2016  TCEF Medical Camp was the first ever Medical Camp in the Zanskar Valley. The Hospital built by H. H. the Dalai Lama through the Dalai Lama Fund was completed in early 2016. We were privileged to be invited … Continue reading

TCEF Annual Report 2016

Thanks to the outstanding support of TCEF sponsors and donors, we had another strong program year. This year we spent over $140,000 on our program areas of educating Tibetan children, supporting the elders, offering direct services and engaging in several … Continue reading

TCEF Newsletter, Fall 2016

Our last newsletter was the 20th Anniversary special that we brought out in October 2015. In that newsletter, we attempted to give an over view of our work over the past 20 years. In doing so,we really did not cover … Continue reading


Thanks to all of you who supported this project. Your generosity and encouragement made this happen BIG TIME!!! The first Medical Camp , a partnership with TCEF and the Zanskar Health Care and Sowa Rigpa Research Center in Padum Zanskar … Continue reading


FULL BOLLYWOOD POST ON THE WEB COMING UP SOON. TILL THEN, FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 406 461 8745 We are super excited to announce that Prashant and his wonderful group of Bollywood dreams will be coming to Helena again. Make sure … Continue reading

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