The Voices for Tibet interviews captures the support of Americans for Tibet, Tibetan culture, and the cause of the Tibetan people. Our best hope is to inspire others to help, and to provide hope to the Tibetans themselves.

We also hope that these videos will help to educate and raise awareness of Tibetan issues here in the West. Huge gratitude to everyone of our guests for the love and support for Tibet, and for being Voices for Tibet when we really need them.

V J Supera

Roy Andes

Jane Amdahl

Michael Willing

Marc Gold

Jennifer Prugh

Crystal Water

Dave Andersen

Ven.Yonten la

Carina Wilmot

Tulku Yeshi Rinpoche

Roberta Anderson

Jim Patton

Losang Samten

Valerie Hellermann

Dr.Tawni Tidwell

Aimee Ryan

Elinore Evans

Anne Jablonski