In 1959, the People’s Republic of China occupied Tibet. Every year March 10th marks the anniversary of the uprising of the Tibetan people in response to the occupation. It was at this time the Dalai Lama, spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet was forced into exile in India. Over 100,000 Tibetans followed and every year hundreds of Tibetans continue...  Read More

2019 Sponsorship Campaign

Every year we do a sponsorship campaign around the Holiday Season, trying to tap into the spirit of this season. This year our appeal is for children from the Arunachal Pradesh. These children come from humble homes located in remote areas far to the North east of India. Their parents did not have access to good education but they want the lives of their children to be different. At TCEF, we believe that education can change lives for the better.  Read More

Transmitting Culture

Tibetan refugee schools in exile have played and continue to play a significant role in helping to transmit our culture to the children. Tibetan schools in exile operate within the broad framework of its host countries in Nepal and especially in India. Yet, within those contrasts, Tibetan educators and administrators have striven and found ways to use the schools for this purpose.  Read More

Tibetan Prayer Flags Project

In the project, the Tibetan children at Kyitsel-ling Tibetan Children’s Education Center ( Kyitsel-ling) will themselves make the prayer flags manually. In doing so, they will be actively engaged in a colorful and fascinating facet of Tibetan culture. And, we believe that this will be hands-on cultural transmission - the very best way to learn about our culture.Finally, the proceeds from the sales will go to benefit the Tibetan Elders Program.  Read More

Bringing the Internet into Tibetan Classrooms

Improving the quality of education is going to take a multi faceted effort - involving quality teacher training, building an exception cadre of Tibetan education leadership and then transforming Tibetan classrooms with educational technologies. And right here - transforming Tibetan classrooms is where we feel TCEF can make a vital difference - maybe not for all Tibetan schools, but at least in a few select schools.  Read More

2019 Holiday Season Fundraising Campaigns

This Holiday season TCEF is doing two fundraising campaigns:one for the children and the other for the elders. For the children, we're trying to bring the internet and educational technologies into their classrooms. For the elders, we're using traditional Tibetan prayer flags printed by the children to raise funds for needy Tibetan elders in exile.  Read More

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