Educate The Children

TCEF is committed to helping Tibetan children’s education in exile. Towards these aims, we help to establish education centers for Tibetan children, run a sponsorship program and implement special projects that can make a difference for the education of Tibetans in exile.

We helped to found Kyitsel-ling Tibetan Children’s Education Center at Clement Town, Northern India, that has been successfully helping Tibetan children for the last 16 years. In collaboration with the Tibetan Refugee Aid Society (TRAS), Canada, we helped to add a third floor to the Sukhavati Educational Hostel in Pademchen, Sikkim.

TCEF’s sponsorship program connects a needy Tibetan child with an interested sponsor here. This has been our most successful education program and we’ve helped hundreds of Tibetan children through this program.

We also work to provide key teaching learning tools like computers. In the years ahead, we’d like to collaborate with Tibetan authorities in exile to help with key projects that Tibetan themselves have identified as being vital and necessary.

Amount Spent
Sponsorship Connections
Tibetan teachers trained in modern English Language acquisition

Sponsorship Program for Children

Life for Tibetans in exile has never been easy and there are many Tibetan families that need help. Some of them are poor – others come from broken homes, or have some sickness or other problem in their lives. These families need help to educate their children. TCEF’s sponsorship program…

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FAQs on Sponsorship Program

I want to sponsor a child. How do I begin the process of sponsoring a child? The easiest way to get started is to fill in the sponsorship form online and email it to us. Once we receive that form, we will try to find a child that matches your…

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Kyitsel-ling Education Center

Kyitsel-ling is an boarding hostel that provides excellent learning facilities and supplementary education. Through our sponsorship program, children from the poorest segments of the Tibetan community can stay at Kyitsel-ling and attend school. The foundation stone was laid by His Holiness The Dalai Lama on November 21, 1997, who named…

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