Kyitsel-ling 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Kyitsel-ling 25th Anniversary Celebration Photos

It was in November 1997 when HH The Dalai Lama laid the foundation stone of Kyitsel-ling. When we look back over the past 25 years, everyone connected with Kyitsel-ling can rightly be proud of what it has achieved:

◆ Provided boarding, lodging and education to hundreds of Tibetan, Himalayan, and other children most of them coming from humble homes

◆ Helped transmit the Tibetan cultural heritage to its children with its location within a thriving Tibetan community, and, it’s focus on Tibetan Dance, Music and Drama lessons. 

◆ In collaboration with TCEF, helped provide comfort to hundreds of Tibetan elders.  Kyitsel-ling played a key role in TCEF’s Elders Sponsorship program. It helped to firstly identify many of the elders on our program, and found ways to disburse the sponsorship funds to elders located in many locations. 

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Kyitsel-ling was so privileged to have both Khando Rinpoche and Choegon Rinpoche as special guests for the event
Khando Rinpoche & Choedon Rinpoche offer prayers after Lamp Lighting Ceremony
Kyitsel-ling Director Tsering Phuntsok with Khando Rinpoche
Chogon Rinpoche gave an inspirational speech
Long serving staff members were honored
Guests at the event
The venue was filled with local community members
The Kyitsel-ling children at the celebrations
Senior girls traditional dance
Senior boys dance
Junior Girls Traditional Dance
Yoga and fitness programs are huge at Kyitsel-ling
Yoga at Kyitsel-ling

Senior Girls Bollywood Dance

The creation of Kyitsel-ling in 1997 was whole heartedly welcomed by the local Tibetan community. The continued appreciation and support twenty years later is perhaps the best indicator of Kyitsel-ling’s contribution and usefulness to Tibetan education in exile.