Preserving the Culture

Cultural Tours

As a US nonprofit, we believe that the best we can help preserve Tibetan culture is by facilitating and providing platforms for Tibetans to share their unique culture with the people in the West, thereby educating and raising awareness of it. Our overall goal is to keep the Tibetan people and culture fresh in people’s consciousness… Continue reading

TCEF Presentations

TCEF’s Executive Director is a native Tibetan. Our program manager and several board members have traveled extensively in India and know the Tibetan people and their culture at close quarters. We’ve done well over a hundred presentations all over the country sharing whatever we know about Tibet and Tibetans… Continue reading

TCEF Montana Events

Helena, the capital of Montana is slowly also becoming a capital for Tibetan awareness here in the Northwest of America. Apart from visits from Tibetan artists, Helena has several regular Tibetan events that are fairly well known. For several years now, the Tibetan Losar celebrations at the Covenant Church has been a regular item on our calendar. The Feathered Pipe Ranch now hosts our annual Saga Dawa prayer gatherings where we put up new Tibetan prayer flags and re charge our spiritual batteries… Continue reading

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