Sharing & Preserving Tibetan Culture

Preserve The Culture

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Transmitting Culture

Tibetan refugee schools in exile have played and continue to play a significant role in helping to transmit our culture to the children. Tibetan schools in exile operate within the broad framework of its host countries in Nepal and especially in India. Yet, within those contrasts, Tibetan educators and administrators…

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Cultural Tours

As a US nonprofit, we believe that the best we can help preserve Tibetan culture is by facilitating and providing platforms for Tibetans to share their unique culture with the people in the West, thereby educating and raising awareness of it. Our overall goal is to keep the Tibetan people…

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TCEF Presentations

TCEF’s Executive Director is a native Tibetan. Our program manager and several board members have traveled extensively in India and know the Tibetan people and their culture at close quarters. We’ve done well over a hundred presentations all over the country sharing whatever we know about Tibet and Tibetans...

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TCEF Montana Events

Helena, the capital of Montana is slowly also becoming a capital for Tibetan awareness here in the Northwest of America. Apart from visits from Tibetan artists, Helena has several regular Tibetan events that are fairly well known. For several years now, the Tibetan Losar celebrations at the Covenant Church has…

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The Best Hope for all Tibetans continue to be His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama. The deep respect that all Tibetans have for him unites us. His wisdom and statesmanship have guided the Tibetan movement along a peaceful path that has not only won His Holiness the Nobel Prize for…

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In 1959, the People’s Republic of China occupied Tibet. Every year March 10th marks the anniversary of the uprising of the Tibetan people in response to the occupation. It was at this time the Dalai Lama, spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet was forced into exile in India. Over 100,000…

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