Serve The People

The preservation of Tibetan culture and the education of children in exile are TCEF’s prime focus. In addition, TCEF also endeavors to serve Tibetans in any way that it can. We’ve started a sponsorship program to benefit needy Tibetans. We are starting a TCEF Health and Humanitarian Fund to help Tibetan elders and others who desperately need assistance.

Amount raised
Raised for humanitarian relief
Raised for six India service trips
Raised for Elders Sponsorship Program


For several years TCEF did Service Trips to various sites in India. This post was written by Valerie Hellerman, TCEF Program Manager at that time, who led the trip. In 2014, a TCEF service trip journeyed to the remote Himalayan region, Zanskar. We were invited by the Himalayan Astro Medical…

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Sponsorship Program for Elders

TCEF’s Elder sponsorship program connects interested sponsors here in the West with elderly Tibetan in exile that need help to survive. Although the educational sponsorship of children will continue to be our focus because of the transformative powers of education, the grandparents’ sponsorship is also very close to our hearts.…

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Service Trips

For several years now TCEF Program Manager, Valerie Hellermann has been doing service tours to our project sites in India. These tours are an opportunity to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture and relate directly with the people and particularly the children we serve. We have done many wonderful projects such…

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Health & Humanitarian Service

TCEF Health and Humanitarian Fund: Our cultural tours take us to TCEF program sites and Tibetan communities in exile. During our travels, often, we across people in real need, either with some serious health or financial problems. The needs are stark and they are right there in your face. The…

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