Sand Mandala at BTY 2023

Losang Samten la explaining the mandala

After a gap of several years, TCEF is grateful for an opportunity to share the endangered Tibetan culture – this time with a sand mandala created by Losang Samten la.

I feel privileged for another opportunity to share Tibetan culture. This January, we did another Tibetan sand mandala at Breathe Together Yoga, Los Gatos. We had the pleasure of having Losang Samten la create a Tibetan Wheel of Life mandala.Every master is different – they bring their learning, experiences, and personality to an event. I loved that Losang Samten la was so open and accessible. It is clear that he enjoys what he does – creating mandalas and then sharing/interacting with the folks who come to the event. In all my years of travel with Tibetan cultural ambassadors, I’ve not met someone who is so palpably happy to meet people and share our culture. He is truly a great ambassador of our culture – and it’s been a privilege to facilitate this event. 
Jennifer Prugh and the BTY team that worked hard to make the event successful
Losang Samten la encouraged people to experience mandala making. Jennifer gives it a shot!
The completed Tibetan Wheel of Life Mandala. Losang and Karma with TCEF sponsor Joyce Higashi.