The Tibetan Response to Covid 19 by Karma Tensum

The trend is the same - all over India, Tibetan communities are finding joy in giving back, in doing something for those who are more vulnerable and more in need than themselves. In 2019, the Tibetan community in exile coordinated a series of Thank You India events to express gratitude…...

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The TCEF Story by Karma Tensum

The core of TCEF's story is about the empathy that individual people in the West have for Tibet and Tibetans. One reason to share this story is that we are marking our 25th anniversary this year, but perhaps even more importantly, I wanted to share it for inspiration. I've been…...

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Celebrating the Tibetan Spiritual Heritage

Spirituality is the lifeline of the Tibetan people. Without it, they would lose their soul and their foundation. Most Tibetans find some time, some space for it in their daily lives. For many, the time spent on spiritual practice is the most important and meaningful part of their day. And…...

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