TCEF Covid Relief in Tibetan Communites

The second wave of Covid hit India really hard. It impacted several Tibetan communities in exile, both in India and in Nepal. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, TCEF was able to reach out and help several Tibetan communities in North India.

Dharamsala is the seat of HH The Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan Administration in Exile. It is home to a sizable Tibetan population. Unlike other locations where there are exclusive Tibetan settlements, Dharamsala has some scattered Tibetan communities, several important schools, and many important Tibetan organizations. In partnership with Delek Hospital, and a great program coordinator in Tenzin Jigme la, we were able to help many of the organizations here.

Providing essential supplies to several organizations in Dharamsala
Organizations in Dharamsala helped by TCEF and Delek Hospital
Thank You letter from Delek Hospital, Dharamsala.

The other area where there is a cluster of Tibetan settlements is Dehra Dun. The two major settlements are Dekyiling and Dhondupling ( Clement Town). Here we partnered with Kyitsel-ling Tibetan Children’s Education Center to help.

New medical supplies for the dispensary at Dekyiling
Medical supplies for Clement Town
Thank you letter from Dehra Dun

More recently we’ve heard that infection numbers are going up in nearby Nepal – that Tibetan communities there are also being impacted. We’ve also sent funds to help there. Overall, thanks to your support, we’ve been able to send about $20,000 as Covid relief to Tibetan communities. THANK YOU ALWAYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. BELOW IS A REPORT ON THE COVID SITUATION AND RELIEF EFFORTS IN NEPAL FROM THE OFFICE OF TIBET, KATHMANDU, NEPAL