Dubdi Monastery Lunch Project

Dubdi Monastery Monks

That’s right! $4.34 a DAY feed 36 young monks a daily hot lunch, the most substantial meal of the day and for some the only meal. Dubdi Monastic School is in a very poor rural farming village. These boys study Buddhism, minimal reading and math in an unheated one room schoolhouse with one window, one light bulb and one dedicated teacher Mr. Sharma. There are few textbooks and writing implements to be shared between the 36 students.

In 2008, TCEF began a hot lunch program. The young monks were in school 6 days a week from 8am – 4pm with no meal or snacks. Now they break every day for a hot lunch of rice, dal and veggies. It takes only $4.34 a day to provide this to all 36 boys!

We are going to Yuksom this year and hope to renew connections with this monastery.