Alan Davis is recently retired from the Montana Association of Land Trusts, working for the 12 land trusts that operate in Montana preserving open space through private land conservation. He currently volunteers and works part time for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) on the 117,000-acre Blackfoot Clearwater properties TNC acquired in 2014. Prior to working in private land conservation, Alan spent over 30 years in the electricity industry, both in a policy making role and as a private consultant for 15 years working on projects for renewable energy development companies in the western US and Canada. For 10 years Alan and his wife, Karen Cooper, owned and operated a private Montessori preschool, the Helena Montessori Center, for which he served as the business and financial manager.

Alan’s interest in Tibetan education began watching the TCEF-sponsored film, Journey from Zanskar, which documented the journey Tibetan monks and Tibetan children took crossing the mountains to go to boarding school. Alan and Karen began sponsoring a young Tibetan girl, Sangay, in 2015, and had the opportunity to meet her in February 2019 at the TCEF-sponsored school in Clement Town. Following the school visit and spending time with Karma, Summer, India and Vijay, and their interest in getting new Board members, Alan decided to apply for a position on the Board.

Alan brings a background in policy, business development and corporate strategy, economic analysis, and experience working for a non-profit organization to the Board. He also brings his experience owning and managing the finances of a private school to the Board position.