My passion for different cultures goes back to a young age. My mother took me all over the world on her work trips for as long as I can remember. On one of these trips to India at the age of 4, I first met Kama Tensum (now ED of TCEF). He was assisting with the group my mom was leading and we survived a near death experience together in the Himalayas. Even at that age I already could see his kind nature.

Through the years our families have spent a lot of time together including various visits to Clement Town, the Tibetan colony where Kyitsel-ling is located. In these visits, I  saw the difficulties Tibetans in exile were facing, poverty and living in refugee status. I realized more and more how amazing Tibetan culture is in its altruistic and peaceful nature, not to mention fun. This is a culture that can inspire us all.

With so many Tibetans living in exile, the risk of losing the culture becomes higher especially for children. This is why the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation is so important. We can help make a difference in children’s lives while helping to preserve the amazing Tibetan culture. In 2000, I had the opportunity to join the board of TCEF and also started sponsoring a child. It has been an amazing experience watching him grow and develop in to a charming young man. He has had an opportunity to learn that he may not otherwise have had if it weren’t for the work for TCEF. His family is always so warm, welcoming and grateful when I see them.  It is very fulfilling to be a part of TCEF’s good yet challenging work in helping to preserve Tibetan culture in exile.