Zanskar 1Thanks to all of you who supported this project. Your generosity and encouragement made this happen BIG TIME!!!

The first Medical Camp , a partnership with TCEF and the Zanskar Health Care and Sowa Rigpa Research Center in Padum Zanskar was a huge success and great benefit for the people of Zanskar.

The camp was held June 5-27th. There were 3 MD’s , 4 nurses, 2 EMT, 3 Medical students and 2 support members working with 11 Zanskari medical and pharmacy students.

The medical camp saw over 1700 patients , did 300 cervical cancer screenings and taught pre natal care to local midwives.

TCEF has been invited to continue and is planning the 2017 return. The major health issues identified in this population are: Hpylori, cataracts, arthritis, pneumonia, skin infections, TB, hypertension. The mortality rate for children under 5 is quite high and probably due to untreated winter respiratory infections.

There were 7 positive cervical screenings and 6 children identified with congenital heart issues. These patients were referred for follow up to the Leh Heart Institute and the Himalayan Women’s Health Project where they will be provided treatment.

Other patients requiring more complex care and follow up were referred to available services in India. However Zanskar being isolated 8 months of the year and a 14 hour jeep drive to the nearest govt hospital makes it difficult to assure follow up . Many services are not available in the region and patients would have to travel to major cities for the appropriate care. This is a major difficulty and TCEF is working with organizations to provide followup both logistically and financially.

TCEF will continue this program and will develop a 5 year plan to both provide medical camps and education support of Zanskari people in their mission to develop their health care center.

Anyone interested or knowing someone interested in participating in the upcoming trips please contact me. June 2017 is the next camp.

Again, a very sincere heart felt THANK YOU.
Valerie Hellermann, Project Manager