TCEF undertake tours with various Tibetan artists to raise awareness of Tibet and its culture in the West and to seek support for our programs. We’re always looking for persons and organizations to host TCEF events in different parts of the country.

Helping to host or coordinate a TCEF event is one of the most practical and powerful ways to help Tibet, to help the Tibetan issue and to help TCEF. If you think that you can help coordinate an event or even point us in the direction of someone who might be, please contact us at We’ll follow all leads.

It is difficult to overestimate our debt of gratitude to our event hosts and event coordinators. So much of our work has been possible only with their active help. A single event that you help with can touch many lives over many years if we can find sponsors for children or elders at that event. TCEF would like to thank the following event coordinators who have helped  so much with our work:

TCEF Event Coordinators 2002 – 2013*

Mary Ahman, Helena, MT

Karen Allgire, Cleveland Heights, OH

David Andersen, Helena, MT

David & Susan Anderson, Missoula, MT

John Anderson, Missoula, MT

Roberta Anderson, Polson, MT

Roy Andes, Jackson, WY

Sherri Baptiste – Baptiste Power of Yoga,  San Francisco,  CA

Cathy Bayer, Santa Cruz, CA

JV Bennet & Melissa McNair, Springfield, VA

Ed Bowers, Culbertson, MT

Deirdre Breen, Venice, CA

Joan & Hank Broeckling, Spokane, WA

Marilyn Bruya, Missoula, MT

Sara Buckerfield, Auburn, CA

Vicki Chapman & Dugan Coburn, Great Falls, MT

Katharine Curles, Walla Walla, WA

Karen Davidson, Butte, MT

Allison Smith Estelle, Red Lodge, MT

Wayne Gorski, Bozeman, MT

Allysa Griskiewicz, Seattle, WA

Diana Hall, Portland, OR

Robert & Martha Hall, Portland, OR

Hannah Hannan, Missoula, MT

Anne Hanenburg, Spokane, WA

Valerie Hellermann, Helena, MT

Kathy Henjum, Bismarck, ND

Carolyn Joslin, Coeurd’Alene, ID

Stu & Sherry Kahn, Staatsburg, NY

Michele and Richard Kaplowitz, Valencia, CA

Murat Karaorman, Santa Barbara, CA

Rhonda Kennedy, Portland, OR

Dean & Rebecca Lerner, Lemont, PA

Cindy Lee, New York, NY

Lori Lindman, Spokane, WA

David & Hedi Long, Kalispell, MT

Sharon Mason, Seattle, WA

Tim & Patty Merrill, Portland, OR

Claudia Montage, Basin, MT

Eilzabeth Nelson, Vashon, WA

Jim Nymeyer, Billings, MT

Jena Ponti, Whitefish, MT

Jennifer Prugh, San Jose, CA

Allison Radecki, Nutley, NJ

Ian & Tonya Scott, Emigrant, MT

Kate Scott, Red Lodge, MT

Patricia Seiler, Helena, MT

Susan Star, Highland Park, IL

David Sunshine, Dallas, TX

India Supera, Helena, MT

V J Supera, Helena, MT

Mary Superak, Davis, CA

Sandy Turner, Sydney, MT

Allison Von Halle, Ridgewood,  NJ

Sabine Weil, Salt Lake City, UT

Marta Weinstock, San Jose, CA

Jane Wieland, New Smyrna Beach, FL

Michael Willing, Helena, MT

*plus a few who chose to be anonymous