Why Tibetan Children Need Help?

Why Tibetan Children Need Help ?

As a community, the Tibetans in exile have overcome many challenges and have done relatively well.  Most Tibetan refugees began their lives in exile as road labors. Over the years, many of them have transitioned in business. But, life for Tibetans in exile has never been easy and there are many Tibetan families that need help. Some of them are poor – others come from broken homes,  or have some sickness or other problem in their lives. These families need help to educate their children.

Also, Tibetans in exile in India are rehabilitated in small exclusive settlements spread across the country. Because of their locations, some settlements have developed and done relatively well, while others are in remote areas where development has been relatively slow.

Kunga  comes of the Tibetan settlement at so and so in the state of Orissa. This settlement is in a remote and backward area and many Tibetan families continue to struggle here. Her parents are poor farmers and the income from their small field has continued to decrease with every passing year.  They barely make enough to feed themselves and although they would dearly love to educate Tenzin, they just don’t have funds to meet school related expenses for her.  Through a TCEF sponsorship, this beautiful girl is now in school.