A delicious INDO-TIBETAN DINNER to benefit this amazing project
“Journey to Zanskar” Saturday April 26th 7pm at Plymouth Church,
corner of Oaks and Winne in Helena. $25
Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation is preparing for a June
service trip to the remote NW Himalayan region, ZANSKAR.
Zanskar is one of the “Hidden Kingdoms” with a predominantly Tibetan
population . It is the highest inhabited region on the planet and is
isolated 7-8 months of the year . This presents huge challenges in
their education and healthcare delivery. Most of the population is
illiterate and 1 out of every 2 children under 5 die. The population is
also challenged by the receding Himalayan glaciers due to global
climate change. The spring run off which was carefully routed through
the villages to the fields during the short growing season now comes in
rapid major floods with no water for the summer crops. Some villages
have had to be abandoned. Chewang Norephel an engineer from Ladakh,
has designed artificial glaciers which can temporarily capture the run
off. It can only buy some time. It is critical to help these people
become literate before they are forced to leave their villages for the
cities of India.
TCEF has been working with Geshe Yonten, a Tibetan monk from this
region on educational sponsorship. We have now been asked by the
President of the Himalayan Medical and Ecological Development
Society to assist with teaching basic public health, first aid and to do
basic health care assessments.
Several members of the Helena community are preparing to go on this
service trip. They not only volunteer their time and expertise, they pay
the full cost of the trip.
Proceeds from this dinner and silent auction will go to purchasing
medical and educational supplies.
Please join us for a delicious dinner , meet the service crew and hear
more about their plans to assist these people.
Dinner is $25 suggested donation 439-3580 for reservations please