Footsteps of the Buddha Tour 2019

The itinerary was quite similar to our tour last year. We shortened the tour by a couple of days and took Sravasti off because of the long bus ride to get to it. So we started the tour with the visit to Clement Town. Last year several members of the group found the long bus ride from N. Delhi to Clement Town difficult. This year we flew and that made the journey substantially easier.

One of the major aims of the Footsteps of the Buddha tours is to connect TCEF sponsors with their sponsored children and/or elders, and to share the Tibetan culture and hospitality with the hope that tour members may support our work. From that point of view, the visit to Clement Town is always an important part of the tour, an important part of the work that we do at TCEF.

Below is a full report on this tour:

Report for TCEF web