Saka Dawa 2014 at the Feathered Pipe Ranch

Saka Dawa (BUDDHA DAY)  Pot Luck

73FS3321-800x800-e1304213928646-540x402-1 at Feathered Pipe Ranch, 2409 Bear Creek Rd, Helena, MT

JUNE 14, 2014, 4 TO 7 PM

4 pm: Putting up new prayer flags

4.30  SANGSOL (Victory to the Gods ceremony) led by Tsering Lodoe

4.40  pm: Introducing Bollywood 2014 Event

5pm: Music and Songs by Tsering Lodoe and friends

6pm: Potluck Dinner

Saka Dawa is the holiest of all Buddhist Holidays. This whole month is dedicated to honoring the life of the Shakya muni Buddha. Calculated according to the Lunar Calendar, this year Saka Dawa falls between May 29 and June 27.

All the days of this month are considered holy. Tibetans believe that the merits of  any good deeds performed during this month will be multiplied millions of times. So, it is a month of spiritual practices and trying to become better human beings.

Here in Helena, Montana, the Feathered Pipe ranch has always been a special place for TCEF and a spiritual home for Tibetans. We invite you to  a pot luck at the Feathered Pipe ranch, Helena on June 14 to celebrate this day.  In keeping with the tradition of the day, we request all dishes be vegetarian.

We can begin the afternoon at 4 pm with a small prayer hanging ceremony. We’ll be putting up new prayers flags and everyone is welcome to participate. You can bring your own prayer flags or call VJ Supera, 406 461 9951 ahead of the event for Tibetan prayer flags.

Last November, we had so much fun planning the Tsering Lodoe concert in Helena. Our big Helena fundraiser this year will be with a Bollywood theme. We’ll take a few minutes to talk about that up coming event and see how our friends can be involved in its planning and execution.

We’re happy to announce that Tsering Lodoe will be with us to celebrate this event. He and his friends will be singing and entertaining us for about 45 minutes.  We think that this  will be a fun and lovely event and hope that many of you can join us.